Camera Rentals

Originally for gimbal use, our packages are specifically tailored to be lightweight, compact, versatile, and travel friendly.  We've outfitted each kit to not only work with our MoVI systems, but to serve as A-Camera as well.  Below is just some of our in-house gear.  Give us a call to go over your production's specific needs.


ARRI Alexa Mini

With all the functionality of the Alexa Plus XT and at the weight of only 5 pounds, the ARRI Alexa Mini has quickly become the workhorse of the industry.  This small-body camera packs all the features professionals have come to expect.  Using ARRI's proprietary ALEV IV Sensor, it achieves color, dynamic range, and shadow detail unmatched by any other system. Capable of recording 200fps at 2k (Pro Res), 60fps at 3.2k (Pro Res), and 48 fps at 2.8k RAW (ARRI RAW).